Queensland Licence Requirements

If you don’t have your air conditioning equipment installed by an appropriately licensed business you could end up with the same protection you would have if you let an unlicensed person drive your car – NONE.

Under Queensland law all companies, businesses and individuals who install air conditioning equipment must be licensed by the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA). They must hold a Trade Contractors Licence for the class Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services including Unlimited Design. To obtain a licence they must satisfy financial, managerial and trade qualification criteria. A licence allows them to deal with the public. If they do not hold the required licence it is illegal for them to deal with the public.


If a consumer deals with an appropriately licensed company, they have a ‘problem resolution process’ available to them. The Queensland government can also take disciplinary action against companies which do not attend to problems that they have been directed to address. This is not available if the company is not appropriately licensed. Insurance companies may also walk-away from a problem if the company is not appropriately licensed. This applies to your insurance company as well as the company’s insurance company.

Companies which do not hold the required licence will try to convince you that they don’t need a licence because they use QBSA licensed employees or sub-contractors. The use of QBSA licensed employees or sub-contractors is a requirement of the government, however the overriding requirement is that the company you are dealing with must be licensed in its own right — otherwise the installation is deemed to be illegal.

Want To Know More?

More information can be obtained from the Queensland Building Services Authority. The internet address is http://www.bsa.qld.gov.au. This site also contains an online search facility. You can check to see if suppliers are appropriately licensed. The number of companies that are not appropriately licensed is quite alarming. They are exposing you to risks that you may not be aware of. This is showing no respect for your rights as a consumer.

There is no need to take an unnecessary risk. Only deal with appropriately licensed companies!