About Us

Recommendations available for:

  • Supply and installation of air conditioning / mechanical ventilation systems
  • Repair and servicing of new and existing equipment
  • Development and execution of appropriate preventative maintenance programs.

There are many businesses with a strong commitment to delivering air conditioner installations and servicing within agreed time schedules and in parallel with minimum client and or staff disruption.

The utilisation of a ‘client specific’ database incorporating equipment identification, warranty validates, cyclic maintenance programs together with customer order / invoice documentation is a feature of our current after-sales service and is considered by many people as a major benefit to their lifestyle and or enterprise.

The fundamental structure of a high quality aircon company is an integrated and progressive team of highly qualified and accredited refrigeration mechanics, electricians, sheet metal and plumbing contractors operating under the direct responsibility of ‘hands-on’ company management.

Although experienced and familiar with a comprehensive range of commercially available systems and equipment, air conditioning business are often proudly associated with and is certified as an ‘Authorised Daikin Dealer’. This association ensures that the air conditioning company is continually at the forefront of ‘artificial climate control’ technology