Air Conditioning Warranty Protection

Most manufacturers of residential air conditioning systems offer a five (5) year warranty on parts and labour. However, many customers do not know that these manufacturers warranties may be voided or do not cover certain items, if it can be shown that the system was not properly serviced and maintained.

It is also vitally important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any warranty, as it is usually necessary to have regular preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system during its lifetime if you are to maintain the integrity of the manufacturer’s warranty.

You should also complete any supplied ‘Manufacturers Warranty’ registration and mail it to the advised address. Additionally you should record the purchase / installation information (including relevant dates, supplier and installer details). Photographs of the equipment may also be useful for any possible insurance issue that may arise.

To ensure that your air conditioning system’s five-year parts and labour warranty is protected, you should ask your air conditioning professional the following questions:

  • Is an after-sales maintenance protection plan available?
  • What other services are provided, as part of the maintenance protection plan?
  • Can the maintenance protection plan be paid in advance?
  • Are services performed regularly?
  • Is sufficient documentation provided to the client after a service has been performed?

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